About the Association

Ukrainian Adventure and Ecotourism Association is a public initiative involved in promotion and development of the environmentally friendly active recreation and ecotourism. The Association is a sphere of the professionals for sharing current information, discussing and solving the urgent problems. We promote a healthy lifestyle and harmonious relationship between People and Nature.


The main goal of UAETA is creation of conditions for promotion and

development of adventure and ecological tourism in Ukraine. The UAETA is NGO.



- Promotion of active and healthy lifestyle

- Increasing the mass character of active and eco-tourism

- Creation of of constant informational campaign

- Improving service quality and safety of tourists

- Staffing

- Development of infrastructure

- Improving the regulatory framework

- Finance and logistics industry

- Rational use of natural, historical and cultural tourist resources

- Sustainable development of tourist areas and objects, local communities

- Improving the competitiveness of the Ukrainian market of adventure and ecological tourism


The main actions:

- Promotion of nature-friendly and active types of tourism (eco-, adventure)

- Permanent monitoring and analysis of the adventure travels market

- Stimulation of development of the specialized and supplementary tourism infrastructure

- Organization of trainings for guides

- Improving service quality and security of tourists

- Improving the qualification of guides

- Publication of tourist guidebooks and catalogs

- Organization of press tours

- Organisation of public advertising of adventure and ecological tourism

- Participation in exhibitions

- Expansion of the network of routes, involving the use of new objects and areas

- Support of the sustainable development of natural, historic and cultural areas through close cooperation with them

- Working with local authorities, state institutions in the field of tourism

- Cooperation with relevant foreign associations and tourist organizations

- Exchange of experience with domestic and foreign partner organizations