What does membership in the Association give:


- Protection, support and advocacy of members

- Expanding access to domestic and foreign market of tourist services

- Interaction, rapid exchange of information between members of the Association, the joint solution of problems

- Access to integrated information about the state of Ukrainian outdoor-market of Ukraine, including analytics

 - Placing information on the website about  products, services, news both among consumers of services and members of the Association

- Getting a "fresh" analysis and background information in the quarterly information letters

- Permission of using the logo of the Association

- Presentation of tourist possibilities, tourist brands, other offers from Association members at specialized exhibitions in Ukraine and abroad

- Development of internal quality standards and increasing the quality of services

- Participating in developing of Strategies and Programs of active tourism industry in Ukraine

- Participation in the activities of the Association (exhibitions, seminars, workshops, info-tours, etc.)  on preferential terms

- Participation in infrastructure and business projects

- Possibility for members to inform about their activities, products and services among other members and visitors of the web-portal