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Information deal with projects:
The activity representatives of work group deal with some regions of Ukraine: Crimea, Donetsk basin, Krivyi Rig, Volyn’ and Dniester Volley. We think that most actually are excursions on Podillian territory “Potential of the Cognitive Tourism”. 
Some geological routes were organized and operated in the framework of ideology of the project. The routs were traced on terrain trail (by bus) and water way (by kayaks, rubber bouts, catamarans and motor bouts) along Dniester River from Zalishchiky to dam of Dniester Electricity power station. 
International geological excursions and expeditions were part of Geological Symposiums, Conferences, and Meetings programs. The members of the excursions had opportunities got cognitive information and materials for cooperated publications. 
ІІ. Important pilot project of creation Geosites and Geoparks, which has international, scientific and attractive sense for geological trails. Bright example of such Geopark could be Bernashivka huge quarry, where was found complex of most ancient evidence of presents organic life of Vendian age (550-560 million years ago). 
The Dniester canyon also is coalescent Geosites, which easy could be joined into Geotrail along National parks and reserves of Dniester Volley.