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The National Park "Nyzhnyodniprovsky" established in accordance with the Presidential Decree of 24 November 2015 № 657 / 2015 "On creation of a national natural park “Nyzhnyodniprovsky”. The park belongs to the TOP 3 on the territory (over 80 000 hectares) among the similar natural institutions of the reserve fund in Ukraine and is the largest in the Kherson region, it occupies more than 26% of the entire territory of the objects of natural reserve fund of the region.
The park is located on the territory of Beryslav, Bilozerka, Golopristansky Oleshkivsky districts, cities Kherson and Nova Kakhovka. It covers the downstream area of the Dnieper with the total territories about 120 km long (from the Kakhovka Hydro Power Station to the Dnieper-Bug estuary).
The unique natural feature of the park is the "Dnieper River Estuary "- wetlands of the international importance (listed in the official "List of Wetlands of the International Importance" in 1998 on the proposal of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine), which is one of the most valuable floodplain littoral natural complexes in Europe.
The competitive advantages of the National Park "Nyzhnyodniprovsky" as one of the centers of domestic tourism development is the presence of the unique natural, historical and cultural attractions, such as:
«City of a thousand springs" - Nova Kakhovka
«Steppe Kherson waterfalls" in Kosatske village
diversity of species of birds, fish
dozens of beautiful fresh water lakes, healing iodine-bromine, salt lakes
memorable places of Cossack glory - "Oleshkivska Sich", "Tyagin" Prognoyska Palanka Zaporizka Sich (Oleshky town, Tyaginka village,
Heroyske village)
religious shrines: St. Vvedenska church – the only wooden church of the XVIII century in the south of Ukraine (Beryslav), Korsun convent of the XVIII century in Korsunka village, Pokrovsky friary in Muzykivka village, Belozersky district (built in 1858), Blagovishchensky convent of the second half of the XVIII century in Priozerne village, Belozersky district.
Tourists and park visitors can take advantage of a developed tourist infrastructure, which is located near the area of the park:
28 hotels and guest houses of different levels of comfort
10 estates of rural green tourism and eco-village "Rainbow"
14 facilities for amateur fishing and recreation
5 yacht clubs and yacht parking
historical and entertainment complex "Green Farm Tavria"
2 equestrian - sports club
the only sturgeon breeding plant in Ukraine.
The youngest National Park in Ukraine "Nyzhnyodniprovsky" warmly welcomes you to see and feel the unique beauty of the Lower Dnieper by yourself.