Windsurfing is a type of active recreation and sport based on controlling on water a lightweight board with a sail connected to the board by a free-rotating joint. Windsurfing as a form of recreation has evolved from traditional surfing and has certain advantages. For example, windsurfing lessons do not require the high waves. Light wind is enough to allow quickly moving on the water surface. To manage windsurf one should turn a sail depending on wind so that traction appears. With enough skills, you can control a board in “gliding” regime when windsurf is put to the right and left sides in turn. Thus higher speed is achieved as a board slides on the water surface without immersion. Experienced windsurfers can conquer the high waves and perform the spectacular jumps. Windsurfing suits those who are fond of sea and look for more than just spending time on beach during summer vacation.

Kitesurfing is a type of active outdoor recreation that has occurred recently and is rapidly developing. Kitesurfing is movement on the water surface on a special board with a kite to propel a rider across the water. A kite rises to a height of 10-40 m, where the air flow is stronger and more equal. This enables to develop a high speed. Speed ​​record for kitesurfing is more than 100 km/h. The size of ​​a kite usually ranges between 5-20 square meters. This type of active recreation is very spectacular as traction power of a kite allows making high and prolonged jumps, during which one can perform tricks of different complexity. However, kitesurfing is dangerous like most types of extreme tourism. The main risks are the possibility to get injured by the sharp strained slings, the probability of lightning striking into a kite, a kitesurfer being raised into the air etc. So while riding one should follow some safety requirements. First of all you need to listen to the weather forecasts. You cannot ride around rocks, trees, power lines, big crowds of people. It is desirable to have a helmet and special knife for an emergency cutting of slings.

Winter kiting or snowkiting combines the advantages of kitesurfing and snowboarding or skiing. The main advantage of this type is that it doesn’t demand looking for the slopes and lifts unlike snowboarding. It also does not require the presence of water as kitesurfing. Thus, among the places for snowkiting may be the fields or frozen rivers, lakes and reservoirs. Snowkiting allows moving on the wide fields with untouched snow as well as performance of the spectacular jumps and different turns in the air.

Yachting is recreational sailing or boating. Yacht is a light fast sailing vessel that is moving due to wind power, or also by means of the engine. Depending on the purpose boats are divided into racing, traveling and cruising. Depending on the complexity of the construction of yachts and a level of comfort the following types of yachts are distinguished:

-«bareboat» class - for independent sailing, or traveling for two persons. It is the simplest class of yachts;

-«crewed» class that should be managed by an experienced skipper;

- «lux» class with a high level of comfort and every detail of the interior;

- «luxurious» class that is the highest class and the most expensive yachts.

In Ukraine motor yachting far outstrips the sailing one. The reasons of this are the difficulties in managing the sailing yachts, inadequacy of inland waterways and lack of wind power. Most Ukrainian yacht clubs are located on the banks of the Dnipro river and on the coast of the Azov and Black Seas. For boating in Ukraine it is enough to have a license from a yacht club, where you were training and passed exams. Long-distance travels require a license of the international standard.