adventure racing

Adventure racing is a kind of tourist competitions, which has recently gained popularity. Such competition is based on overcoming the certain distance in difficult natural conditions on foot or by bike with passing the various technical stages. Adventure racing includes two or more sports disciplines. The main component of adventure racing is orienteering as competition involves passing a number of checkpoints marked on the map. These races may be of different duration, from several hours to several days, so the participants must be physically trained. The technical stages are overcoming the obstacles using the tourist equipment - various rope crossings, climbing the vertical rocks using the climbing equipment. There are no common rules for adventure racing. For every race the organizers approve certain Provisions under which the race is held. However, there are number of rules common to all adventure races. Such rules include a prohibition of using the motorized vehicles, a ban on the use of any external assistance (except the life threatening situations), and a requirement to have the approved Provisions of the race.

Among the participants of the adventure races are both the experienced athletes and amateurs who are seeking for adventures, adrenaline and want to test themselves. The main objectives of the adventure races are the promotion of active outdoor activities and healthy lifestyle, improvement of the skills of tourists and sportsmen, environmental education.

A variety of natural conditions of Ukraine allows a permanent organization of adventure races that differ in complexity and scale. The most famous of them are the following multi races - «Gorgany Race» in the Carpathians, «Milo-raid X-Crimea» and «X-Winter» in Crimea, "Spring Adventure Race" in Eastern Ukraine. Work is currently under way to establish the Federation of adventure racing of Ukraine that will coordinate the organization of such races, marathons, sports orienteering competitions.