event tourism

Event tourism is a type of tourism, where the main motivation for a trip is visiting a particular event. The peculiarities of this type of tourism are the uniqueness of each trip, unforgettable impressions and festive atmosphere. When it goes about a large-scale event, it stimulates the development of infrastructure of a region and revenues from tourism, so the region receives benefits from certain events. The event tourism often involves a cognitive component and discovering of the local culture. It can be classified by the type of event and by its scale. This kind of tourism is quite promising in Ukraine, taking into account its long history and rich traditions specific for each region. In 2011 more than 400 festivals of various scale and thematic focuses were held in Ukraine. There are events of regional, national and international scale. Among the events that attract tourists the most popular are sports competitions, music concerts, themed festivals, national festivals, carnivals, reconstruction of historical events etc.

Music events. Very often a visit of a famous musician or a band to a certain city stimulates the inflow of tourists from all over the country, and sometimes even from neighboring countries. The important events in the world of music are different song contests. For example, the "Eurovision" European Song Contest is a great opportunity for the host country of the event to advertise its tourist opportunities, demonstrating its hospitality to the tourists from all over Europe. Music festivals allow the fans of certain types of music to see many favorite singers and bands on one stage, as well as to hear and see the new ones. By the way, such music festivals are the best opportunity for young and unknown singers to represent themselves to the wide audience. Among the most popular music festivals of Ukraine are Slavske-Rock, Pidkamin, Zakhid-fest, Jazz Koktebel.

Ethno-festivals include a music program with ethnic elements as well as different games, workshops, literature readings, fairs etc. The most famous Ukrainian ethno-festivals are Kraina Mrii (“The land of dreams”), Sheshory.

Festivals of historical reconstruction are interesting not only for the Ukrainian tourists, but also for the foreign visitors as the Ukrainian history is closely connected with the history of many neighboring countries. The most famous festivals-reconstructions in Ukraine are the Battle of the Nations on the territory of  Khotyn fortress, Ancient Medzhybizh and Terra Heroica in Khmelnytsky region. The historical reconstruction is a reproduction of the historical events using the method of a role-playing game. Using the archaeological data, written and pictorial sources the reconstructors realistically recreate the certain scenes from the history of the country (famous battles, castle defenses), creating an atmosphere of that time. Reconstructions are usually connected with some holidays or anniversaries of the important historical events and often take place where the event happened. Historical reconstruction festival often includes various contests and competitions i.e. fencing, archery or crossbow, mass battles, competitions in the most authentic uniform. These festivals gather not only foreign tourists but also participants from many countries.

Other events. Among interesting and unique festivals is also the festival of balloons. Such events regularly take place in Kyiv region, in Kamianets-Podilsky and Crimea. Dozens of huge balloons above the evening city create an unforgettable show, that’s why such events gather people from all over Ukraine as well as foreign visitors. Each region is also famous for some interesting gastronomic festival, such as the Transcarpathian Bozhole – a fest of wine.

The international sports competitions gather not only athletes from around the world, but also their fans who along with a main purpose of their visit, often travel around the host-country. We can’t but mention the main event in 2012 for Ukraine - the European Football Championship EURO 2012. Ukraine hosts the sports competition of this level for the first time in its history. Thanks to this event, Ukraine and Poland will host a large number of foreign tourists during a short period of time.