Birdwatching, an observation of birds in natural surroundings, is capturing the world community. There are more than 40 million birdwatchers in the U.S. and in most European countries the quantity of them outnumbers the hunters and fishermen. BirdLife International organization was established for saving and observation of birds. In 2001 this organization launched the first World Bird Festival, which lasted for a month and included hundreds of exciting events and performances in many countries. This festival became the largest holiday, devoted to birds. The national partners of BirdLife International have been inviting people in 37 countries of Europe and Central Asia to go outside at the first weekend of October for birdwatching for the last 12 years. Annually during these days the millions of observers will share their knowledge about a fascinating and complex life of migratory species. The action is aimed to attract attention and improve knowledge about the needs of birds: thousands of people go in for birdwatching in nature, count the number and types of birds seen and make reports through the national centers. Here in Ukraine such a center is the Ukrainian Society for Bird Protection. On February 2 we celebrate the Day of wetlands that are widespread in Ukraine: marine estuaries, reservoirs, Polissia marshes, ponds, canals, rivers and lakes. It is here that we can see the rare or endangered birds. These lands are exploited by men for hunting, fishing, hay, recreation, grazing. It is therefore very important to maintain an appropriate level of awareness of people about the careful dealing with land rich in birds.

We also organize "Vesna pryishla" action (“Spring has come”) that is a simple birdwatching for children and adults from all over Europe. It is very easy to take part in the action: just register birds that are coming back from wintering in spring. This knowledge helps to learn more about bird migration in Europe. A lot of things that ornithologists know were informed by the ordinary birdwatchers. This tourism demands the presence of birds, a notebook and binoculars or camera.

PhotoHunt is a purely aesthetic type of birdwatching. It is not as easy as it may seem: to stand for hours without making a move, looking for the proper light and the best picture, and sometimes even run or crawl to take a perfect photo. PhotoHunt is a gambling case that requires patience and skills to make the high-quality pictures.

Besides birdwatching is an entertainment that is useful to society and meets the spiritual needs, provides us with a connection with beautiful world of nature. Also birdwatching brings much pleasure as birdwatchers activate their inherent hunting instincts that do not harm a "prey." This activity also supports good health as much time is spent in fresh air. Birdwatching joins the generations as the interest in nature is handed over from parents to children. Birdwatching is perfect for those who like a solitude or needs it at some moment. Let the noise of civilization wait and you’ll come back from birdwatching positive, full of strength and happiness.