Archaeological tourism is a type of tourism aimed at visiting the areas related to archeology and archeological excavations. During such trips, tourists have an opportunity not only to listen to a lecture of a professional archaeologist, but also to touch the objects of antiquity, even to participate in the excavations. Participation in the archeological excavations allows you to make your own contribution to the history or even make some new discovery...

Archaeological tourism has just started to develop in Ukraine. Unlike excursions, archaeological tourism is not a passive contemplation of the historical sites but just the opposite: looking deep into the earth, searching, collecting, cleaning, making pictures or sketches etc. The monuments of ancient history along the tourist routes attract most attention of the tourists. Some of such monuments are fixed (mounds, burials) and some may be moved (tools, household items, jewelry), found during excavations. We usually see the latter in museums. But there are much more of them hidden in the archives and not available at museums displays. Archaeological tourism, if correctly developed in Ukraine, has all chances to become popular, because there are a lot of places where you can go for excavations. Another branch of archaeological tourism is underwater archaeological tourism which enables participants of an expedition to travel through the centuries, civilizations, cultures combining all this with another kind of outdoor activity - diving.