Walking tourist trips may be organized in all regions of Ukraine. At the same time it should be noted that Ukraine, with the exception of two mountain ranges (the Ukrainian Carpathians and the Crimean Mountains), has a flat terrain and there are almost no significant natural barriers. Therefore, in most regions of Ukraine the sports hikes of only the 1st category may be conducted and the hikes of the 2nd and the 3rd categories are possible only in the Ukrainian Carpathians and the Crimean Mountains.

Weather conditions allow walking trips in lowland regions of Ukraine from March to November, and under favorable conditions throughout the year. Among the interesting walking regions of Ukrainian plain territory are Dnister region, Sothern Buh valley, Podillia Upland, etc.

Crimea and the Carpathians are the main areas for walking sports and tourist trips. A variety of natural obstacles in these areas allows tourists to learn about all the arsenal of methods of walking tourism techniques. The season for trips in these areas lasts from early spring to late fall, and under favorable weather conditions in winter.

The Carpathians combine the beauty of mountain and forest areas. Turbulent rivers, beautiful lakes, gentle hills, sunny meadows, rich history of the land will suit the interests of any tourist. Different routes may be found here: from the simplest to the 3rd category of complexity. The best time for walking trips in the Carpathians is from the second decade of May to the end of October. But one should remember that there is a lot of snow high in the mountains in May, and the air temperature may significantly reduce in October, especially at night. The most interesting routes in the Carpathians are running across the ridges of the mountains. Thus the route of the 3rd category goes through the ridges of the Chornohora, Horhany and Svydovets. When planning trips to the Carpathians, one should remember that there are protected areas here (the Carpathian Reserve, the Carpathian and Synevyr natural national parks, landscape reserves, etc.) so it is necessary to get a permission from the proper organizations to go through them.

Mountainous Crimea combines mountains, caves and grand rocks, unique canyons and stunning waterfalls. The area is not very big and therefore its tourist flows are regulated and overnights are allowed only at specially equipped tourist sites. The Crimean Mountains are a natural museum, where the diverse landscapes and unique natural monuments are located on a small territory. The best time for walking trips in the mountains of Crimea is from early April to late October. While preparing for walking trips in the mountains of Crimea, one should bear in mind that about 120 reserves with limited access are situated here. Among them are Yalta mountain and forest reserve, Karadah reserve, Cape Martian reserve, Grand canyon of Crimea, Khapkhalskyi reserve and others.

It should be also mentioned that organizing the winter walking trips in both regions has some characteristics, that make such trips more complex and dangerous than similar trips in summer (winter snow is quite different from snow in high mountains in summer). Special attention in winter and early spring should be paid on the study of avalanche areas.