Apitourism is a kind of tourism that aims at tasting, consumption, buying the bee products (honey, wax, propolis, royal jelly) right on the spot of the manufacturer.

Honey has been known for its healing properties for thousands of years and today apiaries become the excursion objects for tourists. What exactly attracts tourists to the apiaries? 

Firstly, tourists learn more about one of the oldest cultures of mankind - the culture of beekeeping. Biology, physiology and "sociology" of bees, mystery of honey creation, modern achievements in beekeeping technologies - all these can be not only interesting, but also spectacular. A life in the apiary and work with bees give us wisdom and bring us into harmony with the environment.

Secondly, the true connoisseurs of honey and other bee products are always happy to have an opportunity to taste and buy them on the spot of production, where, among other things, they can also check necessary technologies compliance and high quality of products.

Thirdly, a powerful component of apitourism is a medical tourism.

Apitourism is a type of tourism that doesn’t exhaust resources and to the contrary contributes to its enrichment. Its development promotes social and economic revival of rural areas, provides diversification of agricultural production, and creates new jobs.