XXXXIII International Apicultural Congress 2013 in Ukraine as a leading international event in beekeeping

The Congress that is the most prestigious, massive and comprehensive event in beekeeping both on domestic and global level, will be held in Kyiv from September 29 till October 4, 2013.

The Organizers of the Congress are the Organizing Committee of the XXXXIII Apimondia International Congress that consists of the representatives of the International Federation of Beekeepers’ Associations Apimondia, and Ukrainian representatives - members of the national beekeeping organizations "Beekeepers’ Brotherhood of Ukraine” and the "Beekeeper’s Union of Ukraine", also Director of the Ukrainian Agricultural Products Quality and Safety Laboratory, Director of the International Exhibition Center and Director of “Terra Incognita” travel agency.

Among the participants of the Congress will be more than 12 000 beekeeping industry representatives, from over 100 countries - the leading industry experts and specialists, scientists, international and national organizations representatives, public figures, manufacturers of beekeeping equipment and veterinary products and other products related with beekeeping; exporters and importers of beekeeping products and also beekeepers both amateurs and professionals.