The most popular types of water tourism in Ukraine are rafting and catamaraning. These two types of recreation, unlike kayaking and canoeing, are more widespread and the most available for family and corporate rest. Сatamaraning as floating on the 2-12 seat catamarans along the mountain and lowland rivers has been popular in Ukraine since long time. Catamaran consists of two cylinders made ​​of tough materials and interconnected with aluminum or wooden frame. Catamaran is distinctive for its large capacity and high sitting above water.

Rafting is more common abroad, but for the past five years it’s been gaining popularity in Ukraine as well. Raft is an inflatable boat without a frame (made ​​from durable synthetic materials) that typically holds 4-12 persons. Among the features of rafts are a high resistance to water and universality. 6-8 seat rafts are mostly used in tourism. So all you need for rafting are catamarans or rafts, paddles, helmets and wetsuits (for mountain rivers), life jackets, enthusiasm and good mood.

Nature endowed Ukraine with wonderful climate, that’s why rafting and floating on catamarans are possible from spring to late autumn, and the best season for it on the mountain rivers of the Carpathians is spring.
Each of these types has its own characteristics, but catamaraning suits better for long calm and family trips whereas rafting is more impressive in "white waters" – on the turbulent mountain rivers of the Carpathians while passing the rapids, barrels etc.
It should be also mentioned that unlike kayaking, where you are the only leader, catamaraning and rafting is a group kind of rest, so efficiency and accuracy of passing the complex sections of mountain rivers depend on all members of the group and listening to instructor’s suggestions.