Bicycle touring (cycling/biking) is a type of tourism, where bicycle is the main or the only mean of transportation. Biking as active recreation involves going along the routes containing general tourist and specific for biking excursion objects by bikes. The complexity of such tours can range from simple to extremely difficult. Routes are determined in a way to use the benefits of bikes for fast movement on the route. The main difference between such biking tours and sports biking, oriented on getting the sports ranks and titles, is a rejection of deliberate complication of the route and of division of the tours by complexity. And biking tours combine the sports component with an overview of cultural and natural attractions. Among the active outdoor activities, biking tourism is a leader in speed of movement and length of routes.

Biking tours are divided into three types by duration. One-day biking tour is traveling without an overnight. It is usually leaving in the morning and coming back in the evening of the same day. Weekend biking tour is a tour with one overnight, usually leaving on Saturday morning and returning on Sunday evening. Multi-day biking tour lasts for several days.

Biking is one of the most environmentally friendly and healthy types of tourism. There are several major trends in biking: civilized, extreme, classic and others.

Classic biking. It is tourism in the classical sense of the word. Tents, a campfire, guitars but movement along the route is done not on foot but by bikes. The pace of covering the distance depends on a group. Classic biking is suitable both for weekend biking tours (with one overnight stay) and for week-long tours. Classic bike tours are usually the most autonomous. Although it all depends on the region of the tour.

Civilized biking. Not everyone is willing to sleep in tents and cook from bonfire on their own. Civilized biking is right for such tourists. On covering about 50-70 kilometers you make a stop at some town, take a room at a hotel and have evening leisure time. Nowadays such trips are quite popular especially abroad and one can choose any route on one’s request.

Winter biking is an extreme kind of biking. This type has several features i.e. riding on snow and ice requires the winter tires, an overnight outside in winter demands special equipment as well as it’s not that easy to choose clothing for a winter biking tour. Winter biking is a real test of one’s own strength.

Extreme biking. First of all, extreme biking is associated with the appearance of MTB (mountain bike). The most complicated and interesting in overcoming routes are chosen for this tourism. Mountains, swamps and hardly passable forests suit the best for it. The combination of the off roads, straight roads and monuments is the basis of extreme tourism. Of course, the cyclists stay in tents for overnight.