Horse-riding tourism is a type of active tourism that is getting more and more popular and refers to getting knowledge about different regions with the help of a horse. A number of regions offering this service is increasing. Such trip can last for a few hours or days and a tourist will definitely discover the historical and cultural peculiarities of the area of a trip.

Horse is a reliable partner and a friend that can take you to the places not reachable on foot or by car. Communication with a horse is very important in such trips. A tourist should also take care of his horse during the whole trip: it is necessary to unsaddle or loosen the girths during the stops, feed and examine the horse. And only after the horses are set, you might think about yourself. Of course there is always an instructor on each route, who will remind you about such things.

While choosing a trip, be sure to discuss a way of transportation of luggage: in such trips all things are usually carried on horsebacks, and this imposes significant restrictions on the speed of movement. And if things are taken by cars, the speed will be higher, but one should remember that there are places that can’t be reached by cars so such route will not include some hidden corners of untouched nature.

The duration of movement without stops from the moment of starting a trip should not exceed 7-8 hours. It is normal to cover about 50 km a day when the average speed can vary from 6.5 to 8.5 km/h. Covering more than 75 and 100 km demands providing horses with rest for no less than two days. In multi-day trips horses should take a rest for 8-10 hours a day. On the route little stops should be made every 3-4 hours for horses’ feeding and drinking.